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Typically we have 2 Cockerels from different breeders and hens from 3 other unrelated breeders.
Our Fertile Hatching eggs will be genetically diverse Giving you potentially up to 6 different combinations per Egg. This will allow you to start to breed from any stock hatched.
We collect and turn Hatching eggs daily, they are also dated in pencil. Our hatching eggs are pre-treated with an antibacterial system, this may reduce the loss of viabale chicks to bacterial infection, during the incubation period. 
We pack our Fertile eggs using our unique Henhancedtm packing system as standard, This ensures you eggs have the best chance of reaching you through the dangers of the postal system (see below for more details). See our ebay feedback at bottom of this page!
We also offer a premium packed option, where the polybox is placed inside a doublewalled cardboard Box.
No profit is made from the packaging & Postage, we charge you what it costs us. 
Want to collect your eggs? no problem, this is by far the best way to get the highest fertility rate!
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Premium Packaging
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Tel 07726 513375  email:- salesbacktotheland@gmail.com

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